I have never been so excited about an album release, as I am with “Wait!” In fact, I can’t wait.

Let me try to explain a little about how the album creation and recording process evolved.

Of course, I was going to put out another album. But I had gotten comfortable with the whole singer/songwriter process. You know, write another deep, thoughtful song about how things in the world are going. Which is what you feel comfortable doing with your one acoustic guitar and microphone. 

Most open mic or writer’s nights are the same. There are people playing covers, which, means you get to hear a lot of James Taylor, America, and CS&N covers. You’ve also got your pop hits. And then there are the songwriters who do their own material. And they are usually a lot more subdued. And usually, all the energy in the room just evaporates.

You’re singing about your angst on world hunger, and the guy or gal at the bar really just wants to sing along to “Sweet Caroline.” 

As a writer, it can be a soul sucking experience.

Over the course of a week, I wrote three songs that fit that bill to a tee: “On the Run,” “Jericho” and “The Joke” (the joke was pulled from album, but will be back).

Then came “Turn to Blue.” This may be my favorite track, and also, the most lacking. By that, I know it can be better with an actual band. A real drummer. I feel that song both musically and lyrically. 

Then, everything changed. I was riding in the car listening to a great old song from Elvis Costello and I thought, “man, why don’t I write uptempo anymore.”

I went home and turned up the BPM on “Turn to Blue” and realized it could be so much more. Re recorded the bass and guitars.

Then came “Stay.” It was like a breath of fresh air. I sent a short snippet of song to former drummer Shawn Morrison. He loved it and added a few lyric suggestions (always like his lyric suggestions). 

Then came “Wait!”, and then “Living in Radio.” Now, the album had turned a full 180 degrees. It was music screaming and wanting for a band. But it needed something else.

I dusted off a song from 1986 (yes, that’s right 34 years ago) called “I’m Not in Love.” Tried to recapture the original spirit from the post punk Londons. Before you know, I had the perfect opening track.

“Red and White Blues” fell into place somewhere through the process. The first line was lifted from one of my favorite “Cure” songs. It is the most misunderstood songs from talking to people online. 

It was written about my mother losing her grip on reality battling Alzheimers. 

From start to finish, I think the album is much more polished and fun, and catchy. 

I hope listeners enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.