15 near misses of distinction

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Okay, so it can’t be called a “Greatest Hits” collection without at least one of them being a hit. But these represent my favorite recordings, including a few new and never heard before mixes of some favorites. “‘Celia” is my latest recorded composition. I hope you enjoy listening to it as I did recording it.  I’ll have more to say later.



Adam Bloom "She's So Cool" Album Cover

She’s So Cool

It took me a while to put this one together, but She’s So Cool (scheduled for release in mid October) is the followup to 2021’s Sugar Sweet. This one is special, with guest appearances from Lou “Coyote” Castro on occassional guitar, bass and backup vocals, and Steve Hodak adding some tasty guitar licks on “The Pain She Gives.”

She’s So Cool is an ecclectic mix of indie pop rock.

This album was originally scheduled to be an 11-song collection but at the last minute started writing “Cinnamon and Licorice” and thought it should slide into this grouping.

There’s definitely a specific vibe to this one. It is hard to put my finger on exactly what it is though. 


Adam Bloom "She's So Cool" Album Cover

The Tracks

Sugar Sweet is Coming!

The fourth solo studio (bedroom) release is about to drop on most online music distribution sites. The collection represents the most recent compositions, including “True,” “Sugar Sweet” and “Everything Rolled Up in One.”


The Live Band

Over the past few months, I have been working with a small group of core musicians to help me realize my next album and play live shows. They are all phenominal musicians and I want to personally thank them. So, let me introduce you to the group.

Brian St. Aubin

Brian is a tasteful guitarist who always seems to find the perfect sound for each song. His axe of choice is a Fender (Tele and Strat), but you’ll also find some acoustic tracks or licks of his on the next album. You’ll also hear his harmonies on a few tracks. In short, he’s what the other students call a “righteous dude.” (If you get that reference you’re as old as I am).

He is a talented singer/songwriter. Listen to his compositions and recordings on soundcloud.

Bill Frank

Bill has been instrumental and a key part of my live performances for over a year now. He plays, well, a lot of instruments. I usually call on his bass skills. I swear he tells a story about being able to play along even after falling asleep during a show. And I almost believe him. He is always steady and dependable. 

He is also a talented and witty singer/songwriter. I’ll post a link soon.

Dveed DeAngelis

One of the best bassists I’ve come across. He has spent years as a pro session player in New York and has toured with international acts. On this next release, his bass shines on both “Sweet Emily” and “She Doesn’t Know.” 

Rich Williams

I used to make a standard joke, when people ask what instrument I play on my recordings, of just saying “I don’t percuss.” And I don’t. But I have gotten better at programming drums. But truth be told…I hate them. Rich is the only human drummer I’ve worked with in a long time. He is rock solid with a keen sense of letting the song shine. And while he doesn’t actually play on the next album, don’t believe for a second that I didn’t do my best to take some of our live recordings and copy his patterns.

His arms must be tired. He also plays with Day Tripper (a super cool Beatles cover band I’d love to jam with),  BroadBand and Brenda and the Boys.



Okay, these aren’t final. But I’m hoping to have a video for each track off next release. The videos below give you a preview of things to come.